"You're My Lobster"

I'll be there for you!

We are still open and designing for you. This week BeagleFX is featuring the letter "L" in our FREE coloring book. We started the coloring pages a little while back because:

  • Coloring reduces stress.... It's a fact...for real.
  • The kids are at home. See above bullet. Both you and the kids win when you color these.
  • The sheets are free. PLUS, when you send us pics of your completed works in an email to the Sales Dept., we'll send you a custom coupon code for 1% off per sheet (up to 10%). Sign up for our newsletter, so you don't miss freebies, coupons, and tips.
  • Ahh, goodbye stress and hello savings.  

Sean and Bean

Letter "L" for lemons, limes, lions and lobsters. Plus, I think that's the tattoo Harry Potter has on his head.

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