Sustainability - Eco Minded Hound Dog

Beagle FX Eco Logo with globe screened behind beagle and mountains and forest behind FX and leaf shaped arrows encircling

We met rock climbing, and a lot of what we do in life is based on our enjoyment of the outdoors.

Here are some measures we are taking for sustainability and environmental focus.

  • We chose an energy provider that supplies 100% renewable based electricity to our home office.
  • Our vendors are personally vetted for quality products. We demand reliable and durable outdoor gear and clothing for our personal use and apply this same focus to the longevity of our company's offerings.
  • Our print on demand model has several sustainability benefits:
    • It limits our useable footprint,
    • Limits single use fast fashion often found in the textile industry,
    • And, reduces the product's carbon footprint by avoiding multiple shipments to and from warehouses.
  • We personally test our products to make sure they will stand up to hiking, biking, kayaking, dog hugs and other rugged outdoor adventures.
  • We chose a clothing vendor that ships in post-consumer recycled packaging. This same vendor has also added more sustainability measures themselves by repurposing and recycling the fabric they use from their production of things like our custom clothing.

The origin story for Beagle FX started with wall art. Our wall art vendor uses commercial outdoor inks which stand up to moisture, so much so that you can wipe down the artwork with a damp cloth without smudging it. The ink is UV resistant in order to hold its color, and therefore is guaranteed for life. This reduces fading and reprints. The canvas fabric is also made in Texas; reducing the carbon footprint of shipping and overseas production.

We are currently expanding into organic and recycled fabrics for our custom clothing. 

Cheers and enjoy the great outdoors!

Sean, Catherine, and the Beagle