About Us Beagles


Allow us a moment of your time to introduce ourselves and our humble beginnings as a family owned business.

Beagle FX began with LOVE.

Snow dusted the colorful trees the morning of our wedding in northern Illinois. Memories of the chilly autumn event were captured by the cameras of  our wedding photographer that would go missing for several years. A traditional wedding album seemed outside the realm of possibility.

Family comes together, again.

Our families helped provide photos that Sean then brightened, transformed, arranged, color corrected, and otherwise edited. We got to tell a much deeper story than a traditional album, and at Christmas that year a special gift was placed under the tree.

Original collage from Beagle FX. Word LOVE with O as a heart. Inset photos are from company owners' wedding.

Beagle FX is more than the name of a company. Beagle FX is this little puppers.

Bean the Beagle in a Feather Boa

Bean was very tolerant of accessories. Although, she was most in her element outside. She was accurately named, Carabiner the Rock Climbing Beagle, but was more affectionately nicknamed Bean for her proclivity to jump around and FRAP like she just finished a venti. Bean joined us rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, sledding, skiing, and hitting the open road.

Bean, the BeagleFX namesake, is in her pink jacket and has her red hiking bag with us on a climbing trip in Jackson Falls IL

Bean was with us for more than a decade and nearly our entire relationship together. She passed away shortly after Valentine's Day 2019, so we keep her memory alive as our company's namesake. This way she still comes to work with us every day. 

What's Next for Beagle FX

We continue telling stories, especially your story through your photos. Whether your memories are captured on an iPhone or a DSLR worth as much as a small car, we act as your skilled editor telling your story. Relationships and families are more important than ever. Join ours and...

be a beagle.


Sean, Catherine, and Bean

Sean, Catherine, and Bean from Beagle FX designs hiking at Lake Georgetown in Texas

P.S. Our family owned design company is located in north Texas near Dallas, so if you see us at a wedding expo or at a farmer's market, swing on by and say hello. We are also happy to serve you nationally or internationally. 

You make the memories; we make them last!

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