Be Curious, Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso reminded us to be curious. He is the namesake of the fictional Apple+ show about an American football coach headed to the English Premiere League.

As a former rock climbing coach, peewee football player, and massive soccer fan, I am also curious. I have also been in leadership at a Fortune 50 company and at a well established Pacific Northwest company. The show has a lot of great coaching and leadership lessons, so I whole heartedly recommend it.

As a distinguished fan of Beagle FX, you may be curious as to who is attached to the smiles in the recurring faces seen in our sample designs. It might be Catherine, Bean, the Munchkin intern, and myself. Here's us enjoying winter.

Christmas tree collage design from Beagle FX

You learned a little more about me, so here's a bit about Catherine. She's a bit a bad ass. She's has a motorcycle license. The two of us met rock climbing, but only Catherine is willing to climb a 5.10+ slab run out on lead. She is more than just a soccer fan, she's a player. She's also a bit of a homesteader. There's been some homemade cheese and sourdough this year. I've been waiting for goats and chickens, but, thankfully, they haven't shown up yet.

The munchkin intern has been riding a two-wheeler since age two. That's a balance bike to start then on to pedal bikes. There's never been any training wheels. Our little go-getter is also a fan of cross country skiing. There's a bit of homesteader in him too. A little bit of baking genes are present and definitely the taste-testing genes.

Bean the beagle is our company's namesake. Catherine and I got her starting about a month after we started our relationship. The furry member of our family was with us until last year. Now she's with us in spirit while we work at Beagle FX. She had the same taste-testing proclivity as most of us. No matter who we warned about their food being out, she always managed to sneak some. This included opening drawers for cookies and getting bread from the top of the fridge.

Sadie is the latest furry lady. She's our new old beagle. We rescued her after her papa passed away. She's a little coconut, but she really really likes tag. She'll run around the yard forever during our random tag sessions.

This is us, so thank you for being curious, we hope you love your pets as much as we do. 

Paw print collage design from Beagle FX



Sean, Catherine, Bean, Sadie, and the Munchkin Intern

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