Decorating a Small Space?

Hello city dweller,

This is especially for city folks that understand the premium placed on space and want to know how to maximize said space. Beagle FX is from the Seattle area, so we fully understand capacity issues. 

Well...the 21st century and us are here to help you. We have an app free way for you to double check your space using augmented reality (AR). It has a virtual 3d representation of the size of our products. There are simple graphic representations of our print sizes displayed on your phone's screen while you point its camera towards the space limited wall in question.

You will want to use this when you're not quite sure what to put where. You can start from our Product Sizing page. We use Shopify as our e-commerce platform, so when you click on the link from your phone you'll get a brief pop up to a Shopify url. Then the camera will open with an AR box the exact shape and size on your wall as you point the camera towards it. 

How cool is that?

Here are some screen shots from my iPhone of it in action. The first is the graphic representation of the object (the size of your prospective print). The second image is what it looks like on your phone's screen while you point the camera towards your wall.

 screen shot of augmented reality product size image from Beagle FX


screen capture from iPhone of product size image on sample wall background from Beagle FX

Don't fret if something doesn't work at first. The pop up url from Shopify has more information that could help.

Cheers and thank you for joining us with this tech tip from Beagle FX,

Sean and the rest of the Beagle FX Pack

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