How to Create Inspirational Personal Spaces

The stresses of life and limitations that 2020 have given the swaths of humanity across the globe provide space for much needed inspiration. Look no further than within to start creating an inspirational personal space.

Here is where to start:

shelves cluttered with tools, parts, and junk. caption is "declutter physical spaces"


kayaks on shore of Puget Sound at sunset. caption "keep what's valuable and brings happiness"

 capture of photo album of photos from Alhambra Granada Spain. caption declutter digital space.

 fountain at Alhambra Granada Spain caption Keep what's valuable and brings happiness

 Beagle FX owner Sean in company shirt two hands pointing towards chest caption inspiration from within lasts longer

 Beagle FX owner Sean climbing into crevasse on Mendenhall glacier. caption so, we suggest putting yourself into the space

capture of design "pawprint" caption Use your photos and news space for heirloom quality artwork



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