How to eat an elephant...

**Disclaimer, we at Beagle FX are animal lovers, occasional vegetarians who can't ever really give up bacon but would never in fact eat an elephant.**

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the meat of the matter (pun intended).  You may be familiar with the elephant eating phrase.  The response to how to eat an elephant...one bite at a time.  At least that's the answer you're supposed to give.  Take something big and break it down into little manageable pieces.

I understand this theory and would venture to say that life would be simpler if I adhered to it.  But alas, that is not how I live my life.  Take this blog article for example, I've known that I needed to sit down and organize my thoughts, outline my story and then write it for weeks.  Of course, none of that actually happened.  It's been on my mind, and I've been thinking about it, but I didn't put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper.  Here I am, frantically writing minutes before the deadline.  

I've been thinking about the elephant eating phrase a lot lately.  I spent most of the long holiday weekend tackling my digital photo library (in pretty reasonable, elephant-eating chunks).  I started with nearly 26,000 photos (many duplicates)  and managed to clean up my library a bit (I do have a long way to go).  

While normally, this amount of time and effort spent organizing something would have been insufferable for me, the subject matter of the photos made it time well spent.  I found myself reminiscing on wonderful trips we've taken over the years (aka pre-2020).  Laughing at the silly antics of my sweet Bean, the Beagle, our namesake.  Amazed at how much our munchkin intern has grown so quickly and how the time has flown by, even during the year 2020.  

So, do yourself a favor to start the new year.  In elephant-eating size chunks, take a minute or two and flip through your phone or computer photos.  Do they make you smile?  

The picture included in this blog is from a day I spent at the zoo with our munchkin intern, watching a very old elephant celebrate her birthday by enjoying some watermelon.  Our pictures tell thousands of stories, but only if we remember to bring them out from storage.

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