How to Interview Your Photo Collage Designer

So you say you want a revolution...ary design for your home. Beagle FX does semi-custom to completely custom photo collages. We would like to help with your search for decor nirvana.

Our company's founder spent some time as a corporate trainer for a library system and leader in a Fortune 50 company. We wanted to share some knowledge in a simple interview style that can benefit your research of collage designers. Not all designers are the same. BeagleFX offers visual storytelling for people looking to create inspiring surroundings to relive the experiences of their lives. We won't cut corners; we invest our time in your story.

While you're searching, ask the artist or company how they arrange and edit your photos. You may see the "Lego" effect in their designs. Check forums and Pinterest for a little while, and you'll find out you can get these stackable designs for cheap or even do them yourself with a little bit of software.

Animated gif shows a heart template with individual image squares spelling out one word at a time "this is a template block you can find and do yourself for little to $0"

These templates also simply plug in your image. That reminds me of plug-and-play software or appliances. Sounds super personal. 🙅‍♂️

What's our differentiator? Beagle FX doesn't define or constrain your story because each customer's story is different. We start fresh with each order to maximize what you send us. This includes our "regular" products. We alter fonts, resize our cut-outs and move design elements around to keep you in focus. You aren't smooshed into a product; our design is tailored to you.  

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Sean, Catherine and Bean

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