I Heart Sunlight

Dear Seattle,

Bring back the sun please. That is all.

Signed Western WA residents during 7 months of the year.

That is the open letter most of us in the PacNW send out each winter. It's bleak. It's long. It's unavoidable. Or is it?

I ️️❤️ sunlight, and for the majority of the year in Seattle sunlight is not a thing here. Compound that with the rain, also a true thing around here, it is grey and lonely. Then there's COVID, and the year 2020 becomes a bit of a bust. Or does it?

We are lucky enough to be in a business that creates value and relishes happy moments, but we would be remiss without acknowledging it has been a hard year. I wrote another blog article, "A Glass for an Optimist, Pessimist, and the Year 2020," a while back and mentioned Denzel Washington said, "Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship." Nothing in 2020 has come easy. There has been a pandemic, economic fallout, the ugliest election season, and general discontent.

There has been progress during a year of trying to figure out the logistics of seeing family, finding basic necessities, and parenting and working simultaneously have been omnipresent. Even in my dreams I'm trying to solve problems. I don't know if that means I'm American or human by definition, or maybe it's time for a little R&R. 

Difficulty is motivational. Ways have been found to be together, albeit, sometimes apart. For example, Santa and the grandparents visited via teleconference last week. It was uniquely 2020, but we are still thankful for these little wins. Also, we've taken more family photos from this year than ever before because we tried to make the most our of narrow grace periods in between the chaos. 

For those of you looking for motivation, we know we can help. It starts with all the photos you have been taking this year. The Beagle FX mission statement is:

We create emotional designs recapturing experiences previously sealed in our patrons’ photos, so they may envelope themselves in inspiring surroundings.
Unlike cookie cutter designers, we invest our time in your story.

Beagle FX is not Etsy nor a commercial designer that stacks your pictures like cans of pork and beans in a grocery store. 

We are story-tellers.

We spend an hour changing the way light hits someone's face in your photos. We ask for your time to talk about your design. We customize your photos into something tangible that has no chance of being found elsewhere.

We have a variety of large sizes and more space for your many photos to be placed in each design. We are also discounting our email subscribers' first design orders, so sign-up below.

Smile people, 2020 is almost over, and get us to tell your happy 2020 stories. There are happy stories from this year. We know there are.

See you soon, and here's looking at you 2021. Let you be sunny.

Sean, Catherine and the Munchkin Intern

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