Searching for a winning photo collage design and print company

Searching for a winning photo collage design and print company

There are quite a few companies who will make "custom" photo gifts from your photos.  We're here to help make sure you choose the right company for you.  Watch our short video for tips and a preview of our process.

Shopping for a canvas collages, wedding gift or designs to celebrate the memory of a loved one?  We'd like to be a part of your story.  Whether you choose us or one of our competitors, we want you to be happy with your purchase.  So if your photo print just arrived with heads cut off, blurred photos or a warped canvas let us help you get a high-quality product that you and your loved ones deserve.

Beagle FX is a family run company that takes the emotional connection of photos to another level.  See below for the notes on what you can expect from designing with us.

Yes, our products are more expensive.   We have researched the best materials to make your memories last for years.  Our first canvas is still hanging on our wall and as beautiful as ever for 12 years (including 3 interstate moves) and counting.   

Our Beagle FX co-founder has experience in studio arts and photography (darkroom and digital), so he combined that with his love of research. Sean has spent time researching everything from political science to which sleeping bag is going to work best in damp conditions at local climbing crags. He put that research methodology to good use concerning vendors and what canvas printing types the vendors use. 

When you choose Beagle FX to print your design we use only vendors that have solid kiln dried wood construction. The stretcher bars are reinforced. Canvases are dutifully stapled to their stretchers and pigments are permanently bonded to the fabric's surface. You get waterproofing and UV fading resistance as a result of this type of researched construction. 

Let's not stop there. Here's what to look for when you are researching a designer or photo print company.

  • Flip through their portfolio
  • Are the designs duplicates from somewhere? Do they look really familiar? It's fine if the subjects may look familiar.  If the design is  cookie cutter, then you got yourself some un-original copycats with 4-20 prints arranged in varying square and rectangular formats.
    • Can you see the subjects' faces?
      • If it's a "no," will you be able to see the faces of your loved ones when the print arrives?
    • Are the images stacked like Lego bricks?
      • 10 minutes on Pinterest, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Etsy or other popular photo gift sites will show you collage templates of hearts. It is an affordable and/or DYI option if you have the software.
      • This is where we tell you what differentiates us from this approach. We have a friend who is an awesome custom carpenter. His company spent tens of thousands of dollars on machinery and software to do everything from 100% custom cabinets to company logos on 4 foot wood signs. Prospective clients can save money and try something like Ikea or another big box option or go the custom route. 
      • Just like custom woodwork the process and products we make are not cheap.  We do not cut corners.  

      Beagle FX will tell your whole story through your photos. Each image is individually edited, enlarged or cropped, shaped, turned, flipped and placed to focus on that story. Think of us as the editors of a really good book...One called Your Story. What else do you get from BeagleFX?

      • Because we focus on you, we edit out those extraneous background and other environmental distractions.
        • Say, "adios" to composition issues. We fix it for ya, for FREE.🎉

        We're glad to help out your research into collage designers, and the differences between template cookie cutters, some DIY ideas, and custom work. 

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