May the Furce be With You

May the Furce be With You

I must admit that I went full nerd on this special design. The front features our Aussie Kerbey; who is the latest fury addition the the family. He's dressed up like Chewie complete with crossbow. Chewbarcca was originally a photo of Kerbey on the beach at Dash Point along Puget Sound. We layered in a bright backdrop of a sunset over our house in Washington, then drew stars and moons for the otherworldly background. 

Front of Star Wars themed jersey features Australian Shepherd Chewbacca puppy from Beagle FX

Our jersey sponsors feature the doughnut shop franchise from the outer rim and a memorial run for a General in the Rebellion. The Death Star features a lot of illustrations and pattern overlays to create the city in space look. The frosted doughnut planet is an illustration originally started from an image of Jupiter.


Faux sponsors or Star Wars themed jersey from Beagle FX features Death Star Donut shop and Han Solo memorial run

The advertisement for the annual memorial run for Han Solo has all sorts of puns and references. The letter "I" in the word memorial is actually a photo I took of yellow candy Han frozen in carbonite. The candy was part of the Juvenile Diabetes gingerbread display that takes place at the Sheraton in Seattle during the holiday season. The run itself is 12 parsecs, and of course, it's the Kessel Run. You can compete solo or as an empire May 4th or 5th. 

Start your own rebellion with your furry friends with a customized jersey!

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