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Welcome to Beagle FX,

Did you know you get quite the package when you order from us? We are a three for one company; it's like hiring a photographer to edit photos, a designer to create a worthwhile visual story, and a print maker to put all these elements into your order.

Let's say you want to have the best wedding gift ever, but hiring the photographer or buying the happy couple a traditional album is a bit spendy. We include editing your photos and creating the print, but we also include a personalized interview and get to know their story and design your gift. 

You supply the photos and we do the rest. Both Sean and Catherine love to take pictures and we know just about everyone at a wedding does too. If there was a  professional photographer, that's great. If it was just a small setting, we'll work with your family and friends' snapshots. Either one works for us depending on what you have. 

Think of all the hours of post-wedding photo editing you save or don't have to pay for if you can find a photographer that is eagerly involved in the album or album alternative process. There is no additional designer to hire to finish editing and tweaking things to fit into this couple's story. We talk things over with you about what want and need for this most precious lasting gift. Once you approve the design, we arrange for the printing and shipping.

You made the memories, let us make them last! Contact us today with questions at or 857 D BEAGLE, (857) 323-2453.


Sean and Catherine

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