Photography lessons from the munchkin intern and patience lessons from the furry one...

Munchkin intern here.  One of the bosses has been letting me hone my photography craft by allowing me access to one of those old camera things they used before they had phones.  I'm told it's "digital" so it is apparently "newer" technology.  My response, "I'm newer."  But they haven't gotten me my own phone yet so I guess I will play the hand I am dealt.  

So if you can get your hands on one of those cameras (or maybe someone's phone, still working on my magic trick for that).  Here are my rules:

1) Take a minimum of 10 pictures for every one pose or scene you wish to capture.  

2). Ignore any adults around who suggest you hurry, the artistic process can't be rushed.

3). Make funny faces and videos of yourself and any unsuspecting adult around you.

4) Tell parents to order a cool design from my people here at BeagleFX with all your favorites.

Furry intern here (aka Kerbey the dog).  The small human keeps chasing me around with a small box and flashing lights at me which I do not like.  Then he or mom give me treats though so maybe I do like it?  Recommend flashing tail and farting at small human if treats are not delivered promptly.

P.S.  The small human took our feature photo, pretty cool right?  Do you think there are any squirrels hiding in there?

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