RRRRR- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Ruff Ruff

The beagle has landed,

Well that's a bit a misnomer actually. The ambiguous Australian shepherd arrived. There's some ambiguity to nearly all shelter dogs. Unless, the dog in question is the sandwich stealing sniffer beagle that Bean was. She didn't need a DNA test to show us her expressive beagle traits.

The Aussie arrived over the weekend and is very much in full puppy mode. There have been some quick training moments (sit, down, and touch), and then there has been the chasing and much unrequited wrestling with the older beagle, Sadie. Note that the Aussie is still a pup in progress, and the old beagle still doing her old dog thing. No hard feelings.

While we got the new guy some new things, we didn't go overboard. Our friends may have treated the occasion like a mini-baby-shower, but that's adorable. No judging. This is my first puppy, and my wife informed me that puppies chew a lot. So, I decided instead of buying an expensive rope leash, I'd make one from supplies we already had. My wife and I met while rock climbing, so we had plenty of dynamic climbing rope. Plus, our company was formed out of our love for our first beagle, so we had tons of leashes that needed reusing too. I cut off the clips of two derelict leashes and grabbed some rope.

Here's a little tutorial featuring photography by our intern and some voice-overs from yours truly. Let me know what you think, and we hope you're enjoying your Covid dogs as well. Dog people are awesome, so share the love you have.


Sean, Catherine, the Intern and Kerbey (the Aussie 🐶)

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