You can get a photo collage almost anywhere,

Type the keywords into Google, Pinterest, or Etsy. There's a bazillion people offering collages. Like you, hello new reader, I like to research. I'm a political science major, and I'm a recovering analyst. There's a good chance you checked these places to see what the competition is up to. 

Here's why our path diverts from the items you'll find at these places. I'm also a former quality assurance supervisor for teams that evaluated service interactions. So...there's a certain level of expectations that should be met. Here's an example found at the 'handmade' marketplace. The storefront used the word "Print" in their name. In the product description, "we sell only digital files, we don't print anything."

This emoji shows up in 🤔 my head. After looking through the series of offerings from the same store, it was pretty obvious two design techniques were being used. There was a template where stuff just got dropped into preset shapes. Also, there was the heaping of digital photos into shapes. 

Both ways of doing the collages are quick, and therefore, cheap to create. The items are not necessarily bad, provided you like the look and get a high resolution image, 300 DPI is a good target, from the designer so you can make prints.

Here's where the gap between Beagle FX and this marketplace approach widens. We invest time and technique in the visual storytelling from the photos you send us.  We include all sorts of customization in order to tell your individual stories. This allows you to present a highly personalized gift to someone or create something for yourself that's really a piece of who you are. 

You get to look into the eyes of the operation in the following video.


This promotion of our completely custom Special Orders takes any design ideas on your mind and realizes them. You'll get a lot of 1on1 time with us, so we can learn who you are and what you want to accomplish with your request for custom artwork.

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