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A Glass for an Optimist, Pessimist, and the Year 2020

“Ugh,” you said the words out loud, “I quit!”

This was the single most rewarding and frightening day you had in your career. Now, move forward to the “ugh” part. It’s Covid 19, you’re a creative, and business is booming like those ghost towns you see on the Travel Channel.

As you curse to yourself like you’re in an Orbit gum commercial, “French toast,” go back to “I quit.” No, don’t focus on the words, focus on the moment you said them out loud. Freeing right? Like, “I’m going to do whatever I want.” Hold onto this as you work through the head banging against the wall pain that it is starting a business…during a pandemic…in a creative industry.


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What makes Beagle FX different than the other kids out there? We've got a series of videos explaining just that very topic. Each one tells a little more of the story of Beagle FX and what you get from the people behind our company. 

Gif with word "Sample" inset picture is a blue truck with Minion sun visor. Background changes to different options from Beagle FX designs

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How to Interview Your Photo Collage Designer

So you say you want a revolution...ary design for your home. Beagle FX does semi-custom to completely custom photo collages. We would like to help with your search for decor nirvana.

What's our differentiator? Beagle FX doesn't define or constrain your story because each customer's story is different. We start fresh with each order to maximize what you send us. 

Slide saying "How custom is my 'custom' order?" Image of a face drawing and speech bubble, "noticed you have 'template' products. Can I customize those? Or, need special order?" Beagle replies "cookie cutter designs can be cheaper, but better to find designer focus on individual needs"

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