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Decorating a Small Space?

Well...the 21st century and us are here to help you. We have an app free way for you to double check your space using augmented reality (AR). It has a virtual 3d representation of the size of our products. There are simple graphic representations of our print sizes displayed on your phone's screen while you point its camera towards the space limited wall in question.

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RRRRR- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Ruff Ruff

Make your own dog leash out of spare parts and materials you have lying around. We are rock climbers, so we had some retired dynamic climbing rope. We're also dog people. Therefore, there are also plenty of worn leashes that needed a refreshing. No need to buy anything new, just add a puppy.


letters BFX spelled out in a length of blue climbing rope on a oak hard wood floor

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How to eat an elephant...

**Disclaimer, we at Beagle FX are animal lovers, occasional vegetarians who can't ever really give up bacon but would never in fact eat an elephant.**

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the meat of the matter (pun intended).  You may be familiar with the elephant eating phrase.  The response to how to eat an elephant...one bite at a time.  At least that's the answer you're supposed to give.

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Got a resolution? Get some motivation!

Hello Beagles,

Have you been binge watching? We admit to watching a larger than normal amount of television, which could become our own resolution. Before we get into that, let's discuss a fun find about personal motivation and responsibility on Amazon Prime. Brittany Runs a Marathon is not only motivational. It is hilarious and feels very real. 

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